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Adjunct Professor of Physics

University of Washington
Earth and Space Sciences

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Pictures from the MASS rocket campaign, Andenes, Norway, July/August 2007


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Ph.D., Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1977.
Asst. Res. Physicist, Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley, 1977 - 8.
Member of the Technical Staff, Space Science Lab, The Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, 1978-82
UW Faculty since 1982

Experimental space plasma physics, atmospheric and magnetospheric electrodynamics, middle atmosphere electrodynamics, thunderstorm and lightning electrodynamics.

My research involves the experimental investigation of electrical parameters in the Earth's environment, in particular, the study of the electromagnetic energy flow that couples separated environments such as the atmosphere, the ionosphere, and the magnetosphere. Active projects include: CAREII dusty-plasma rocket experiment Electric field measurements in F-region ionosphere to be launched from Norway in 2013 (NRL support);   C/NOFS Optical Lightning Detector in the VEFI electric field experiment launched Apr 2008 into equatorial orbit to study ionospheric irregularities (NASA and USAF sponsored), and real time global lightning studies using VLF techniques with the WWLL (World Wide Lightning Location network) (see for more information) and experiments to use lightning as a powerful radar to probe the D-region.  Additionally, proposals in the works for new balloon flights. 

Students are encouraged to be vitally involved in hardware projects and data analysis in all of these research areas. All instruments are built in our lab by the students or the professional engineering staff. Most projects include the opportunity for student travel.

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PUBLICATIONS since 2004 (from a total list of over 120)

WWLL global lightning detection system: Regional validation study in Brazil, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 31, L03102, doi:10.1029/2003GL018882, 2004 (with Erin H. Lay, Craig J. Rodger, Jeremy N. Thomas, Osmar Pinto Jr., and Richard L. Dowden)

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Potential distribution around sounding rockets in mesospheric layers with charged aerosol particles, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, accepted, Oct. 2004, (In press) (with Z. Sternovsky, M. Horányi and S. Robertson)

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