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Syllabus for Winter 2018

Study Guide for First Exam

Sample Questions from Previous First Exams

First Exam

Answers and Statistics for First Exam

Study Guide for Second Exam

Sample Questions from Previous Second Exams

Second Exam

Answers and Statistics for Second Exam

Study Guide for Final Exam

Sample Questions from Previous Final Exams

Lecture Slides:

1. Earth's Interior and Plate Tectonics

2. Igneous Rocks

3. Mt. St. Helens, Part One

4. Mt. St. Helens, Part Two

5. Mt. Rainier

6. Yellowstone

7. Hawaii

8. Explosive Eruptions

Guest Presentation on the ESS Major and Minor (not to be included on the exam)

9. Global Effects of Eruptions

10. Nevado del Ruiz and Pinatubo

11. Mars

12. Extraterrestrial Volcanism

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St. Helens Eruption

St. Helens Dome Growth

Lahar Flow

Pyroclastic Flow

Hydrothermal Vent

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