ESS 306 - Planetary Geology Summer 2013 (SLN 11475)

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 12:40-2:10 (JHN 127)
Lab: Thursday 2:20-4:30 (JHN 366)

Course Instructor: Steve Wood | 206-543-0090 | Johnson Hall Rm 247
Office Hours: after class or by appt.

Universe: The Solar System, 4th Edition (2010), by R. Freedman and W. Kaufmann (W. H. Freeman, NY)
Satellites of the Outer Planets, 2nd Edition (1999), by David Rothery (Oxford University Press)

Learning Goals / Study Guides (PDF's): Midterm #1 (Sum 2013) | Midterm #2 (Sum 2013) (updated 8/20/13 to remove Triton topics)

Reading Assignments: See schedule below.
Sections in the Universe textbook are listed in the format - Chapter #: Section #'s.
    (For example, "8:2-4,6-7; 9:3" means Chapter 8, sections 2 through 4 and sections 6 and 7 plus Chapter 9 section 3.)
Sections in the Rothery book, Satellites of the Outer Solar System are listed in the format "Rothery Chap#.Sect#", or just Chap# to indicate all sections in that chapter.
Other assigned reading: Taylor Ch. 4 (regolith)

Web-Links to Reading Assignments:
Week #9: Titan | Formation of the Solar System (sections 2-4, and 7) | Nice model

Additional resources, including more in-depth reading material on specific class topics, can be found on the "Links" page

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