Some Invited Presentations:

AGU Chapman Conference on Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning in the Upper Atmosphere.
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, 10-14 May 2009.
Thomas, J. N. et al., "In Situ Measurements of Electrodynamics Above Thunderstorms: Past Results and Future Directions".
[1.3 MB .pdf file]

URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Boulder, CO, Jan. 2008.
Thomas, J.N, et al., "Sprite and Halos Produced by Negative and Positive Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Over Argentina and Brazil".
[1.6 MB .pdf file]

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2007.
Thomas, J.N, et al., "Very Active Sprite-Producing Thunderstorms Over Argentina".
[1.2 MB .pdf file]

NOAA Space Environment Center Seminar, Boulder, CO, July 2007.
Thomas, J. N., "In Situ Measurements to Investigate Transient Luminous Events Above Thunderstorms".
[1.5 MB .pdf file]



USGS Geologic Hazards Team Seminar, Golden, CO, March 2006.
Thomas, J. N., "Measuring Electric and Magnetic Fields High Above Thunderstorms: Implications for Sprites, Jets, and Elves".
[1.6 MB .pdf file]

A few other talks and posters:

CEDAR Workshop 2005 Poster [1.4 MB .ppt file]

AGU Fall Meeting 2004 Talk [500 KB .ppt file]

NATO ASI 2004 Poster [4 MB .ppt file]