UC Berkeley
U of Washington
NASA NSBF, MSFC, Wallops Island, White Sands
M eV A uroral X -ray I maging and S pectroscopy
1999/2000 Long Duration Balloon Flight Around the South Pole

Picture Gallery





Integration at NSBF facility in Palestine, Texas (August, 1999)
Hangtest at Willy Field, McMurdo Station, Antarctica (December, 1999)
Candids and other Antarctica photos
Robyn at work patching up the GeD Rick getting intimate with the Acquisition computer Everyone is like this, every day Kirsten atop the gondola next to the XRIs
Inside the galley So when are you guys launching the balloon? Just chillin'
Damien next to the flight ready MAXIS gondola Kenn Borek Twin Otter Damien next to galley freezer

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