John Vidale @ UW


My Background :

I spent two decades in California; grad school, UC Santa Cruz, USGS in Menlo Park, and UCLA.

In 2006, I escaped to the verdant, cultured, tectonically-variegated, hazardous and understudied Cascadia subduction zone.

Research :

I've worked with Earth structure, earthquakes, hazard mitigation, and numerical simulations.

Current Projects (June 2012) :

Why volcanoes sometimes scream before erupting (Hotovek, Prejean, Gomberg).  Repeating quakes on Mt Rainier (Thelen, Moran, Allstadt, etc.)

A close look at ETS tremor with instrumental overkill (Creager, Houston, Ghosh, Sweet, etc.), AKA, the Earthscope Array of Arrays.

A close look deep under Mount St. Helens with a dense seismic array (Creager, Moran, Levander, Abers, Houston, Schulz, etc.)

Seismic recording of landsliding (Allstadt).  This touches on glacial sliding, the 2009 Naches landslide, and the 2010 Whistler slide, as well as forecasting sliding problems in Seattle during earthquakes.

Upgrades of PNSN (Bodin, Malone, entire PNSN staff).  Includes mingling GPS and seismometers, instrumenting Puget Sound for strong motions.  Implementing Cascadia earthquake early warning (Allen, Heaton, Bodin, Frankel)

John Emilio Vidale

Professor, WA State Seismologist

Director of the Pacific NW Seismic Network

Office :  ATG 208A (ATmos Geophys Bldg)

Cell:  310-210-2131

Skype: john.vidale

Email :

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