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Alpine glaciers

Blue Glacier, Olympic Mountains, Western Washington

Khumbu and Lirung Glaciers, Nepal Himalaya

Tyndall Glacier, Southern Patagonia

Scandinavian Glaciers

Combatant Col, Mount Waddington, British Columbia


Ongoing projects

Climate and flow histories near the Western Divide

Holocene deglaciation of West Antarctica

Inland migration of fast-flowing outlet glaciers and ice streams

Past projects

Basal processes: Meserve Glacier

Flow history of Siple Dome

Flow history of the Ross Ice Streams

Flow history of Conway Ice Ridge

Climate and flow history of Taylor Dome

Radar investigations of ice-stream margins (pdf report)

Radar attenuation: Siple Dome

Radio-echo sounding of ice: the UW radar system

Ice and Climate

Paleoclimatic interpretation of ice cores

Climate processes on the Antarctic Plateau


Precipitation and sublimation components of accumulation

Snow avalanches

Sea Ice

Climatology of snow on Arctic sea ice

Micro structure of sea ice and its radiative properties

Microwave properties of sea ice and their relation to sea ice structure

Interaction of solar radiation with the ice pack and upper ocean

Observations and modeling of the ice thickness distribution

Frozen Ground

Long term deformation of frozen ground in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Dynamics and origin of patterned ground


Photos, clockwise:

WAIS field camp, Antarctica

Breidamerkurjokul, Iceland

Blue Glacier, Washington