ESS 495 - NASA Space Grant Seminar: Rocks-n-Stars

Time: Thursdays 2:30-3:20
Room: Johnson 102
Instructor: Dr. Erika Harnett (Earth and Space Sciences)
Email: eharnett at

This course is credit/no credit. Students of all levels and backgrounds are welcome. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: Click on the title of the speaker's talk to access the questions for each week.
Questions will not be handed out in class. You must bring them with you.

Tentative Speaker List for Spring 2013 and Weekly Questions

Final Exam Scores

A grade of 12 or higher means you will receive credit for the course.


To receive credit for the course you needed to get at least half of the question on the final quiz correct. There will be 25-30 questions on the quiz. The quiz is based on questions each speaker answers during their talk. It will be multiple choice and you must bring a standard (scantron) answer form with you to record your answers on. The quiz is closed book/closed notes

How to view Webcast

Each talk will be webcast live via an ESS Webstream. Recordings will not be archived until after Spring Quarter is over. If you can not attend a class, you can watch the broadcast live but you will not be able to watch a recording later during the quarter in order to prepare for the exam.

To connect you first need Adobe Flash installed on your computer (sorry, IPads won't work). Go to . Video will begin streaming approximately 5 minutes before the seminar begins. You can move the windows around and resize them. To ask a question, send it via the Chat feature. I will ask the question for you either during the seminar (if it is a point of clarification) or at the end (for a general question). Please be aware that there is few second delay in what you are viewing.

Previous Years' Speaker list


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