Cascadia Margin Studies (Development)

Tomographic Structure Studies: Washington Cascadia Margin
Interactive 3-dimensional views of P-wave speed structure derived from joint inversion of both travel time data from active source experiments, and arrival time data from earthquakes.

Tomographic Structure Studies: Puget Basin Region
Results of tomographic structure studies of the central Puget Basin region using higher resolution over a smaller subregion of the above model region. The format is similar to the above presentation.

Long-Term Seismogram Background Variation in 2-7 Hz Band
Smoothed levels of seismic ground-motion amplitudes vs. time for stations in the northwest quadrant of Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (PNSN).

3-D Earthquake Views:
Interactive 3-dimensional views of (a) Nisqually earthquake focal mechanism and (b) earthquakes in the Chelan-Entiat region

UW Network
UW network in Google Earth

Downloadable data files.
R.S. Crosson University of Washington
Earth and Space Sciences