Robert H. Holzworth

Professor Emeritus of Earth & Space Science

University of Washington
Earth and Space Sciences

Room 263 Johnson Hall

BOX 351310

Seattle, WA 98195-1310
(206) 685-7410 (office)
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Pictures from the MASS rocket campaign, Andenes, Norway, July/August 2007

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Ph.D., Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1977.
Asst. Res. Physicist, Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley, 1977 - 8.
Member of the Technical Staff, Space Science Lab, The Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, 1978-82
UW Faculty since 1982, Emeritus since 2020

Experimental space plasma physics, atmospheric and magnetospheric electrodynamics, middle atmosphere electrodynamics, thunderstorm and lightning electrodynamics.

My research involves the experimental investigation of electrical parameters in the Earth's environment, in particular, the study of the electromagnetic energy flow that couples separated environments such as the atmosphere, the ionosphere, and the magnetosphere. Active projects include ground-based, balloon, rocket and satellite experiments to study atmospheric and space electrodynamics especially as relates to lightning (World Wide Lightning Location network) (see for more information.

Not taking any more PhD students, still working part time on several funded projects, plus managing WWLLN.

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