March 29th meeting.

Job for next week

Remember, please send us some short comments about the readings by Tuesday evening (, Just a sentence or two is absolutely fine (and not an enormous amount more please!!). Don't feel like you have to address all of the questions, or spell correctly. Just send us the top one or two thoughts that struck you about the reading and about the problems.

The point is to give something to base a class discussion around, and to keep focussed on a particular direction. We'll read and assimilate them before class, and then maybe synthesize them (briefly) at the start of next class to stimulate discussion.

Questions: (with slight editorializing)

These were the questions we came up with last time. How do the conventional science 'recipes' help or not help us, in our field, deal with these questions?

Week 1 readings:

Stanford enceylopedia entry on Kuhn (pdf)
Stanford encyclopedia entry on Popper (pdf)
Popper responding to Kuhn (pdf)
Selections of Popper's words (doc)
Lakatos: Science as a successful prediction (pdf)