Week 2:

Job for next week:

Let's look at these readings, and continue the discussion of what we want science to mean. Please email us your thoughts by Tuesday evening.
You're a complete bunch of stars. We made a great start on a very complicated issue. It is probably necessary to wallow in the details for a while, but we do want to get to the point of discussing whether there is something in all of this that can help us find a way to get more efficiently towards the truth in our fields. So lets try and head in that direction.


This week is a little lighter on reading.

Should the history of science be rated X? Brush. Science, 1974. (pdf)
Fifteen Myths of science. McComas, 1998. (pdf)
Models in Science. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Frigg, 2006. (pdf)

David's notes on the discussion in class, as a basis for the readings, followed by some other thoughts to get us started on what models mean.
Other thoughts about defining and choosing problems: