ESS 414/514: Geophysics fluids


This is the class long-taught by Prof. John Booker. These are are big shoes to fill - the class was highly regarded and well-liked by those who took it.

The course is a classical survey of the physical fluids dynamics that apply in many areas of Earth Sciences. It is intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. The subject material is interspersed with techniques (such as estimation, non-dimensionalization, perturbation and stability analysis) that are important practical tools. There is also an emphasis on physical examples in action on the planet, with a particular focus on ocean currents and waves. The class is a natural complement to ESS411/511 continuum mechanics.

UW Prereqs: PHYS 322, MATH 307, and MATH 308 or equivalent.

Instructor: Gerard Roe

Fall 2017, JHN127

MW, 9.30 to 10.50