Tsunami Hazard Mitigation

Information about tsunamis that may SAVE YOUR LIFE
The following material is excerpted from Tsunami! The Great Waves

In general, if you think a tsunami may be coming, the ground shakes under your feet or you hear there is a warning, tell your relatives and friends, and move quickly to higher ground.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself from tsunamis, review the following sections:

Important Facts to Know about Tsunamis

If you are on land:

If you are on a boat:

Since tsunami wave activity is imperceptible in the open ocean, do not return to port if you are at sea and a tsunami warning has been issued for your area. Tsunamis can cause rapid changes in water level and unpredictable dangerous currents in harbors and ports.

If there is time to move your boat or ship from port to deep water (after a tsunami warning has been issued), you should weigh the following considerations:

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