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Tsunami Data Resources

NGDC Tsunami Database
The National Geophysical Data Center's comprehensive collection of visual and quantitative data for recent and historical tsunamis.
Tsunami Field Survey Photographs
An archive of digital images, maintained by Dr. Costas Synolakis of the University of Southern California, acquired during recent tsunami field surveys.
Atlas of Canada
Good information in FRENCH and in ENGLISH. on tsunamis that have occured in Canada. This online Atlas offers a collection of maps and related information about Canada.
The following tsunami sites are en espanol
Centro International de Informacion de Tsunamis
A spanish version of the International Tsunami Information Center.

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management Resources

British Columbia Tsunami Warning and Alerting
British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program's British Columbia Tsunami Warning Plan. General tsunami information, including an explanation of the Tsunami Warning System, is presented along with more province-specific information, such as the tsunami threat to British Columbia.
FEMA: Fact Sheet - Tsunamis
Tsunami hazard prevention and mitigation information provided by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.
United States Tsunami Hazard Mitigation
Details about the United States' National Program for Tsunami Hazard Mitigation
PMEL Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Plan
An on-line copy of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's proposed plan to reduce the risk posed by tsunamis to U.S. coastal communities, Tsunami Hazard Mitigation: A Report to the Senate Appropriations Committee.
UH Meteorology Tsunami Messages
Tsunami warning status messages posted by tsunami warning centers throughout the Pacific, maintained by the Department of Meteorology at the University of Hawaii.
Tsunami Information
Warning signs, precaution measures, emergency telephone numbers (Hawaii), evacuation zone maps; all pertaining to Hawaii. Part of the Honolulu Emergency Services Web page. Maintained by the Oahu Civil Defense Agency.

Miscellaneous WWW Tsunami-related Resources

Killer Waves
Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff: What are killer waves and how do they form? Answers to these and other important questions. Easy to understand and very interesting. Very kid oriented. Maintained by Dr. Bob Jenkin.
The Pacific Tsunami Museum
A Museum devoted to education for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region and the preservation of the social and cultural history of Hawaii.It is there intent that the museum serves as a living memorial to those who lost their lives in past tsunami events.
Locally Generated Tsunamis in Hawaii
Background information about tsunamis and a description of the efoort to estimate the inundationhazard inHawaii from locally generated tsunamis.
Tsunamis from Asteroid Impacts
Estimation of the risks due to tsunamis generated by asteroid impacts with Earth.

Earthquake Resources

National Earthquake Information Center's Home Page
A superb source of current and historical earthquake data, including seismicity maps like the one used for this site's world image maps.
Surfing the InterNet for Earthquake Data
A comprehensive index of earthquake-related WWW sites.
Seismological Observatory
A descriptive list of earthquakes with tsunami studies. A few really nice computer simulated pictures of some really scary tsunamis. Maintained by the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan.
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Tsunamis are discussed as they pertain to earthquakes. Maintained by USGS and Cascades Volcano Observatory.
Local Tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest
USGS provided information about local tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest caused by the Cascadia subduction zone.

Hazard Management Resources

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency's home page, with links to a variety of hazard mitigation information.

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