B.A., Physics, Oxford University, UK, 1992

Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999

Areas of Interest:

Meteorology and Climate Dynamics, Surface Processes, Glaciology, Paleoclimate, Mountain-belt dynamics.


Adjunct professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Adjunct professor, Quaternary Research Center

Curriculum Vitae: (html) sensible pdf (full)

Publications: (list and pdfs)

Current Research:

Flowline glacier model (need both files) FlowlineGlacierModel.m glac_init_baker.mat

RoeBaker14, three-stage glacier model ThreeStageModel.m

Glacier attribution talk:  GlacRetreat.pptx

Class Information:

ESS 310: Mathematical methods in the Earth Sciences

syllabusclass website (restricted)

ESS590: Natural variability of glaciers

ESS 414/514: Geophysics - fluids

ESS 314: Expedition to Planet Earth

ESS 201: Earth System and Climate

ESS 516: Geophysics - the atmosphere

ESS 590: Knowability and no ability in Climate/Earth Sciences:
Class web site
Final incoherent thoughts - David and Gerard
Full record of comments/contributions (Summary here)

ESS 590: Heinrich events
Link to global map of proxies , Class web site

ESS 514: Fluids (link to notes)


Alison Anders (ESS, PhD, 2005, Assoc. Prof., U. Illinois)!, Michael O’Neal (ESS, PhD, 2005, Assoc. Prof, U. Delaware)!, Drew Stolar (ESS, PhD, 2006, Ballard Power Systems, Vancouver)!, Noah Finnegan (ESS, PhD, 2006, Assoc. Prof., UCSC)!, Summer Rupper (ESS, MSc, 2004; ESS, PhD, 2007, Assoc. Prof., U Utah)*, Camille Li (ATM, PhD, 2007, Asst. Prof., U. Bergen)#, Kevin Rennert (ATM PhD 2007, Staffer, Energy Committee, US Senate)!, Kat Huybers (ESS, MSc 2007, PhD 2014, Visiting professor, PLU)*, Jane Locke (ESS PhD 2008, ExxonMobil) #, Jim Lutz (CFR PhD 2008, Asst. Prof. Utah State)#, Robert Sheerer (ESS, MSc 2008)#, Eric Buer (ESS, MSc 2008, Ridolfi Inc., Seattle)#, Jennifer Adams (CivE PhD 2007) #, Justin Minder (ATM PhD , 2010, Asst. Prof. Suny Albany)*, Kevin Wood (ESS PhD, 2010, scientist PMEL), Sandra Penny (ATM PhD 2013, Lecturer Sage College)*, Michelle Koutnik (ESS PhD 2010, Asst.. Prof UWash.)#, Rachel Headley (ESS, PhD 2011, Asst. Prof. UWisc Parkside)!, Erin Burke (ESS MSc, 2012, Oregon DoT)*, Nichole Feldl (At. Sci. PhD 2013, Asst. Prof., UC Santa Cruz)*, Angela Pendergrass (PhD 2013, postdoc NCAR)*, Kyle Armour (Physics, PhD 2012, Asst. Prof, U. Washington)!, Brian Smoliak (At. Sci., PhD 2013, Climate Corp., Seattle) #, Nicholas Siler (At. Sci, PhD 2015, Post Doc, Scripps)*, Nathan Steiger (At. Sci., PhD 2015, Postdoc Lamont)*, Xiaojuan Li (At. Sci., PhD candidate)*, Leif Anderson (U Colorado, PhD 2014, postdoc U. Iceland)!, John Cristian (PhD candidate)

*formal advisor or co-advisor, !major research advisor, #committee member with some research input

ESS Research Groups: Climate and Paleoclimate, Glaciology, Geomorphology, Quaternary Research,

                                        Structural geology, tectonics, and geodynamics

Gerard Roe, 


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